Our service provides customers with expert advice through our in-house design department. Do you have an initial idea or preliminary designs that could be optimised?Our experienced team of engineers act on your specific wishes and work with you to realise them using state-of-the-art 3D CAD engineering applications. We can support you from the initial concept through mould making right up to the finished product.

Mould and toolmaking

We have qualified personnel experienced in the fields of mould making and machining to make all our own rotation moulds out of steel plate or cast aluminium. The necessary special machines and equipment for fitted or customised designs and further processing of the rotational products are likewise designed and constructed in-house

Rotational moulding

As a leading company in Europe for rotational moulding we produce  technical parts since for 30 years. We have more than 20 rotary machines at our companies. At our locations, we manufacture high-quality plastic parts. We use material from PE, XPE, PP, PA, etc. in the rotational sintering process (also called rotational molding).

We mill custom plastic parts for your products

As experts in plastic milling, we are able to realize precision plastic parts according to your wishes.


SAVO is a comprehensive quality assurance. Here our quality team ensures close contact to production and customer so that your needs and requirements will meet all requirements. The quality control with 3-D measuring machines as well as the efficiency of the rotational molding doing the rest. Numerous customer audits in the automotive and supplier industry are a reflection of our high level.

Warehouse - the modern high-stacking warehouse ensures optimal goods handling

The computer-controlled high-stacking warehouse ensures the smooth running logistics of our warehouse processes. This means we can save valuable time and are able to serve our customers even more quickly.